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Държава Гърция
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A key feature of the industry of jewellery retail stores is the existence of a large number of outlets scattered across the country, so the market is fragmented.
According to research in the respective chambers, the number of jewellery and watch retailers registered in a total of 42 prefectures in the country amounts to 4,223, with Attica accounting for about 24%. The majority of companies operate in the form of sole proprietorship.
Some businesses which are involved in manufacturing or importing jewellery, sell their products wholesale (to other jewellery stores), and retail through their own stores.
The domestic retail market of jewellery (sales in value) has been in decline through time over the last five years. The average annual reduction rate during 2008-2012 amounted to 12% (2012/2011:-15.5%). The decline in sales continued in 2013 as well. The largest part of the market regards gold jewellery decorated with precious stones.