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The sector of restaurants is characterized by the presence of a great number of companies, scattered around Greece. These are companies that operate stores which serve a variety of foods to seated customers and the service is realized by waiters. The majority of the companies are small sized and operate as sole proprietorships.
The value of the total market of restaurants has registered a fall over the period 2009-2016, as a result of the difficult economic situation of the country (recession period). The decline in consumer disposable income and the contraction in purchasing power (lower average receipts) had a negative effect on the sector of food services.
However, over the last three years (2017-2019) there has been a gradual rise in the market, due (to some extent) to the increase of the tourist flow to our country (foreign tourist arrivals) as well as the slight recovery of the domestic economy. In 2019 the market value increased by 6.5% compared to 2018.
However, this positive development was reversed in the first two months of 2020, as according to sector insiders the food service market was negatively affected by the imposition of the smoking ban, which led to a decrease in turnover during this period compared to the respective period of the previous year.
Per restaurant category, the dominant category is that of “Taverns, grill restaurants” in 2019 (33.5%). “Mediterranean, international and ethnic cuisine” restaurants follow (27.8%). “Bistro, all day bar restaurants, coffee restaurants” had a share of 17.7%, registering a sharp fall compared to 2017. Pizzerias and Italian restaurants followed with a share of 12% in 2019, registering a rise compared to 2017.