Sector Studies

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1. Introduction - General Characteristics of the Sector
1.1 Overview of the Economy
 -The Greek Economy
 -The International Economy
1.2 Introduction
1.3 Historical Developments
1.4 Nautical Tourism - Terms and Definitions
1.5 The National Port System
1.6 Relevant Information - Sector Description and Provided Services
1.7 Institutional Framework

2. The Demand for Marina Services
2.1 Arrivals and Provenance of Foreign Tourists in Greece
2.2 The Domestic Market of Recreational Boats
2.3 The Domestic Market of Yachting Services for Commercial Purposes
Appendix to Chapter 2

3. The Supply of Marina Services
3.1 Current and Under-Construction Infrastructure
3.2 Investments on Special Tourism Infrastructure
3.3 Information on Companies that Manage and Operate Marinas
3.3.1 Presentation of Sector Companies
3.3.2 Sales of Sector Companies
3.3.3 Financial Analysis of Sector Companies
 -Financial Structure
 -Consolidated Balance Sheets
3.4 The Sector's Creditworthiness Over Time
3.5 The Sector's Trading Conduct Over Time
3.6 Pricing Policy
Appendix to Chapter 3

4. The Market for Marinas
4.1 Market Size of Marinas
4.2 Market Shares of Companies - Concentration Ratio

5. Nautical Tourism in Europe - Port Infrastructure
5.1 The European Cruise Industry
5.2 Marinas and Anchorages in Europe
5.3 Development of Nautical Tourism in Europe
5.4 The International Market for Luxury Yachts
Appendix to Chapter 5

6. Conclusions and Prospects for the Sector
 -Analysis of the Competitive Landscape
 -Threat of New Entrants
 -Dangers from Substitute Products & Services
 -Bargaining Power of Suppliers - Collaborators
 -Bargaining Power of Customers
 -Competitive Rivalry within the Industry
 -SWOT Analysis
 -Financial Results
 -Creditworthiness-Trading Conduct of Businesses
 -Market Prospects
Appendix I: Balance Sheets of Sector Companies
Appendix II: List of Sector Studies carried out by the Department of Economic Research, ICAP Group

 -Benchmarking of Sector Companies


Table 2.1 Foreign tourist arrivals in Greece (2004-2009)
Table 2.2 Arrivals in Greece of non-residents from abroad, by region of origin (2009)
Table 2.3 Income from tourism over time (2004-2009)
Table 2.4 Boat entries in the Small Boats Registry (2004-2009)
Table 2.5 The domestic market of recreational boats (2004-2008)
Table 2.6 The domestic market of yachting services for commercial purposes (2006-2009)
Table 3.1 Number of marinas in Greece (2005 & 2008)
Table 3.2 Investments on special tourism infrastructure, Law 3299/04 (May 2005- August 2009)
Table 3.3 Marina operators
Table 3.4 Sales of sector companies (2005-2009)
Table 3.5 Sector company names for graph reading
Table 3.6 Creditworthiness of assessed businesses (2009-2008)
Table 3.7 Trading conduct of assessed businesses (2009-2008)
Table 4.1 Market size of marinas (2005-2009)
Table 4.2 Market shares of sector companies (2009)
Table 4.3 Coefficient of concentration (2009)
Table 5.1 Global orders of super yachts (2004-2008)
Table 5.2 Super yacht orders in Italy (2004-2008)
Table 5.3 The top 10 manufacturing countries of super yachts worldwide (2008)


Graph 3.1 Profitability ratios, 2005-2009
Graph 3.2 Performance ratios, 2005-2009
Graph 3.3 Liquidity ratios, 2005-2009
Graph 3.4 Financial structure ratios, 2005-2009
Graph 3.5 Activity ratios, 2005-2009
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