The company provides a wide range of marine services such as: Direct Shore End Landings, Submarine Cable Installations, Pre-Lay Shore End Landings, Shallow Water Cable Repairs, Horizontal Directional Drilling Pulls, J-Tube Pulls, Cable Transportation and Cable Transfer Loading Support, Pre-Lay Grapnel Run/Route Clearance, Supply And Installation Of Cable Protection Systems For Fiber Optic And Power Cables (Articulated Pipes, Anchoring and Stabilization Systems, Concrete Bags, Concrete Mattress, Posidonia Oceanica Environmentally Approved Screw Anchors), Ogb Installation, Jet Sled Burial, Testing Service For Both Fiber And Hv Cables, Land Fiber Optic Installations, Uxo Survey And Clearance, Marine Survey Up To 400m Water Depths, Pipeline Installation, Pipeline Trenching, Desktop Studies.

Διεύθυνση CYPRUS Karpenisiou 30, 1077, Λευκωσία, Λευκωσία
Νομική Μορφή Private Limited Company
NACE 2 7112 Δραστηριότητες μηχανικών και συναφείς δραστηριότητες παροχής τεχνικών συμβουλών
Director Maria Nikolaidou
Τηλέφωνο εταιρείας 22843000

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