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The sector of wine production in Greece consists of few large wine industries as well as a great number of small and medium sized ones and agricultural cooperatives.
The domestic wine production has reported annual fluctuations, as it is influenced among others by unpredictable factors such as weather. Production reached its peak during the period 2004-2005, while in the following years it followed a downward trend.
Over the period 2015-2020 production dropped by 19%.
Over time, white wine has been the main wine category, accounting for 65% - 70% of domestic production in recent years. Red and rose wine accounted for 30% - 35% of total production.
Domestic wines cover the domestic demand to a great degree, a fact which makes the degree of import penetration low (14% in 2018-2019), following an upward trend.
Domestic wine consumption is mainly covered by domestic products. White wine has accounted for the largest part of overall consumption with a share of approximately 65%-70%, including retsina. Red and rose wines accounted for 30%-35%. The share of retsina in the total market is estimated at approximately 10%.