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Private healthcare consists of Medical Laboratories and Hospital Establishments which are grouped under Primary and Secondary Health Care respectively. The examined sector also consists of large-sized companies, which are often part of powerful business groups that offer a wide range of medical services.
In 2013 the sector was marked by the implementation of Law 4172/2013 (on clawback / rebate), negatively affecting the financial results of several sector companies.
The total market size of private health services registered a rise of 11.9% in 2021 compared to 2020. Particularly per category, the market size of private clinics (general, mental clinics) registered a rise of 10.9%, while the market of maternity-gynecology clinics increased by 5.9%. The market of private medical laboratories, dialysis centres and other centres increased by 17.4%.
General – Specialty clinics had the lion’s share in the total market of private health services (48.6%) in 2021 followed by private medical laboratories (24.1%), maternity-gynecology clinics (14.2%) while Dialysis Centres, Neuropsychiatry Clinics, Rehabilitation Clinics and Other Clincs have the remaining share.