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Година на публикуване Юни, 2012
Държава Гърция
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Private Elderly Care Services are units which look after elderly people (self-sufficient or not) and are obligated, by law, to provide them with certain services (accommodation, meals, medical care etc.).
It is estimated that in our country 7-10.000 beds operate in all Private Elderly Care Units, while the number of beds is higher as regards non-profit Units (10-15.000 beds). Concerning the geographical distribution of Private Elderly Care Units, there is concentration as 70% of them is located in the region of Attica. The situation is reverse regarding non-profit units, as more than half of them operate outside the region of Attica and they are under the ownership of municipalities, charitable institutions and the Church.
The domestic market size (overall revenues) Private Elderly Care Units was in decline during 2009-2011, with an average annual reduction rate of 8.2%. Particularly, in 2011 reduction rate amounted to 13%, compared to 2010.