Версия 12
Година на публикуване Септември, 2020
Държава Гърция
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In Greece, the domestic construction of vehicle accumulators suffered a sharp decline in the last decade. Thus, at the moment only one production unit is systematically involved in manufacturing vehicle accumulators. To a great extent, domestic demand is covered by imported products.
Large importers operate in the sector, which are specialized in accumulators, as well as companies that operate in the wider sector of vehicles and vehicle spare parts. As a result, the sales of imported accumulators have a small share in their total annual turnover.
The overall domestic consumption of vehicle accumulators was on the rise until 2008. However, during the period 2009-2013 there was a continuous decline. From 2014 onwards the market recovered, as the market size increased.
In 2019 the domestic consumption size is estimated to have increased by 5.6% compared to 2018. The vast majority of demand is covered by imports, as production is low.