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The sector of meat production consists of a large number of companies, the majority of which are small sized businesses. However, some large sized manufacturing companies (which mainly operate in the sector of poultry and pork) also operate in the sector which own vertically integrated units. Many companies with significant presence in the market are involved in the processing and standardization of meat. These units are provided with meat either from the domestic market or from abroad and then process and standardize it.
Meat importers have also a significant presence in the market, mainly engaged in the imports of beef and pork meat, while as regards poultry meat the domestic production is dominant. Many importers also own a processing and standardization line, while others are involved only in trading.
The domestic production of meat has reported fluctuations over the two last decades. Particularly, over the period 2009-2015 it followed a downward trend (only in 2014 it presented an annual rise of 3.5%). In the coming years (2016-2017) domestic increased by 4.3% compared to 2015. However, in the next two years (2018-2019), production registered a slight fall (2019: -0.6% 2018: -0.8%). In 2020 production registered a fall of 3%.
According to data for 2020, most of the total net domestic meat production is covered by poultry meat which accounted for the largest part of total domestic meat production, with a share of 53.9%, followed by pork (17.1%), sheep and goat meat (15.0%) and beef / veal meat (7.8%).
Domestic human meat consumption reported annual fluctuations. Consumption registered a fall of 7.4% in 2020 compared to 2019. Covid - 19 pandemic conditions have negatively affected both the market and sales to the HO.RE.CA. channel.
Import penetration in the Greek meat market amounted to an average 51% over the last five years.
Meat exports are still limited compared to domestic meat production, accounting for 10%-13% of total meat production in recent years.
Pork meat has had the lion’s share in the total domestic consumption of meat up to 2017. Per capita consumption of pork meat was stable over 2014-2017. Poultry meat has been first in consumer preferences since 2018. Beef/veal meat and sheep and goat meat followed.