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Marine Tourism Facilities are a major pillar of the Greek maritime tourism as they support and add value to the national economy, the environment and society.
A total of 59 marine tourism facilities are located in Greece, while a significant number of marinas are in the process of privatization through a "model" according to which the public sector grants the right of use and exploitation of marinas to the private sector.
The market size of Greek marine tourism facilities has increased over the period 2013-2019 by an average annual rate of 6%. In particular, in 2020, the total domestic market registered a fall of 11.4% compared to 2019 as a result of the consequences of Covid-19. In 2021 the market size recoveredrecording an increase of 29%.
The marinas of Attica have the lion’s share in the total market with 61.5% in 2020, as most berths are concentrated there.