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The sector of ice-cream consists of manufacturers and importers. The production units have a variety of ice cream products and flavors which are available under their own brand. Sector importers enter into partnerships and / or affiliates with major companies abroad and consequently represent strong ice cream brands.
The sector of imports includes few companies which operate in the wider sector of imports and trade of foodstuff. However, they market well-known ice-cream brand names, they have a long-standing presence in the Greek market and organized distribution networks that cover almost the entire territory.
The overall domestic apparent consumption of ice-cream has followed an upward trend in 2028-2019 which was halted in 2020 due to the conditions created by Covid-19. Particularly, total consumption is estimated to have dropped by 12% in 2020. On the contrary, a rise is expected for 2021.
Compared to recent years, consumption has increased significantly in the period 2018-2019. According to sector insiders, a significant development as regards the ice cream market is the reduction - to a certain extent - of seasonality in demand, which is attributed to the mild winter temperatures in recent years, as well as the significant increase of tourist traffic up to 2019.
The coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), which has been affecting Greece since March 2020, halted the upward trend of the sector. The ice cream market was on the rise in the first months of 2020 due to the "mild" winter, but the situation was reversed in the following months with the market eventually declining by 12%. In recent years, the degree of import penetration and export performance has ranged from 42% -47% and 22% -27% respectively.
As regards retail (standardized) ice-cream, in 2020 there was a shift in consumer preferences towards “family” ice-creams and multipacks over single packed ice-creams. In particular, the former category is estimated to have accounted for more than 65% of domestic consumption (standardized) in 2020, while single packed ice-creams had the remaining share.