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The sector of sea food processing (standardized and non-standardized) in Greece consists of many, businesses. Nevertheless, organized units of systematic industrial production of "branded" products are few and they dominate a large part of the domestic production. The sector of seafood imports includes many companies, most of which, due to infrastructure (large storage areas, refrigeration and maintenance facilities, etc.), also market a variety of other goods (frozen meat, frozen vegetables and fruit etc.).
The domestic production of processed and standardized frozen seafood has registered a fall over the period 2010-2017. In recent years production seems to be recovering and in 2019 it is estimated to have increased by 4.3% compared to 2018, while in 2020 a fall is estimated.
Overall imports of frozen seafood registered a significant fall during 2011-2013, while in 2014 they reported a remarkable rise. Over the following years (2015-2019) there were fluctuations (2019/2018: -3.5% in quantity).
The domestic market value of frozen seafood increased by approximately 2% in 2019 compared to 2018.
It is estimated that molluscs accounted for approximately 41% of the market (2019), followed by fish (23%), crustaceans with 20% and fish fillets with 16%.