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The sector of fish feed is directly dependent on the fish - farming sector and its development, given that fish-fattening plants and fish-breeding stations are the sole customers of fish feed companies.
The fish feed sector is a manufacturing sector, as products of local production have accounted for approximately 95% of domestic demand in recent years. Nowadays, a limited number of companies operate in the manufacturing sector of fish-feed, the main activity of which is not fish-feed production in some cases. Imports are very low and are also carried out by some vertically integrated businesses involved in the sector of sea hatcheries (for fish farming purposes).
During the period 2000-2009 fish feed production increased by an average annual rate of 13%. Since then it has reported small annual fluctuations. However, from 2015 onwards is has followed an upward trend. In 2020 the overall domestic production of fish-feed registered a rise (+4.5%). This upward trend is expected to continue in 2021.
Fish feed imports have reported a significant decline over the last decade. Fish feed exports have been very low over time, they have registered a rise over the last four years though.
The domestic fish feed market value increased by 4.0% in 2020 compared to 2019. A rise is estimated for 2021 as well.
Demand is covered by domestic production, while imports of fish feed account for only 5%-6% of the market.