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Година на публикуване Юни, 2019
Държава Гърция
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In Greece a considerable number of businesses are engaged in processing and imports of raw coffee (not processed and packaged). The sector also includes some large-sized companies trading well-known brand names of coffee products, while their network covers almost the entire country.
The overall domestic consumption of coffee has reported low annual growth rates over time. In 2018 the market was almost at the same levels as in 2015 (0.3% rise). A slight rise of 1.5% is expected for 2019.
The consumption of instant coffee has reported the most significant decline over time. On the contrary, the consumption of new coffee types based on espresso have registered a significant rise. Filter coffee shows an upward trend while stability characterizes the demand for “Greek coffee” with small annual losses.
Greek coffee had a share of 39% in the overall consumption in 2018. The share of espresso in the market has been rising, accounting for 37% during the same year. Instant coffee had a share of 15%, while filter coffee accounted for 9%.
Imports of coffee (both in value and in quantity) started increasing 2018 after a steep decline in 2017.
The overall sales of Coffeehouse Chains registered a significant rise in recent years. In 2018, the market value grew by 1.8% compared to 2017. Further sales growth is also estimated for 2019. Coffee sales (on average) covered 53% of total chain sales in 2018, showing an upward trend in recent years.
The network of eleven (11) leading Coffeehouse Chains numbered 1,221 branches throughout Greece (2019 data), 53% of which are located in Attica.