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Година на публикуване Септември, 2022
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Across the country, over 2,000 car rental companies are estimated to operate, the majority of which are small units operating only on a seasonal basis.
The businesses in the car rental sector can be divided as following: a) large-sized companies having an extended agency-network, some of which represent international brands b) middle-sized companies that operate mostly within a local range and c) small-sized companies that operate on a seasonal basis within a local range.
Based on the services they offer, companies are distinguished in those providing: a) short-term – tourist rentals (renting), b) operating leasing (fleet management), c) both of the above.
The overall fleet of hired cars was estimated at 212,000 vehicles in 2021 (+18.4%). Approximately 65% relates to operating leasing.
The total size of the domestic market of car rentals (in value), increased by 24% in 2021 compared to 2020. The market of operating leasing increased by 11.3% and accounted for approximately 69% of the total market, while on the contrary the market of short-term rentals registered a rise of 66.7% as a result of the increase in tourism accounting for 31%.