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The sector of bottled water includes a good number of small and medium sized companies and few large businesses, being either engaged exclusively in bottle water, or operating in the wider food and drinks sector. Some businesses also bottle water on behalf of third parties (private label products). Very few companies operate in the market of imports of bottled water and these belong to the general sector of drinks and foodstuff.
The domestic consumption of bottled water has showed an upward trend from 2017 to 2019. Particularly, in 2019 consumption registered a rise of +3.1% compared to 2018. However, the spread of the pandemic and the significant losses in tourism and the HO.RE.CA channel in 2020, led the market to a decrease which is estimated at 11.3% in 2020/2019. Demand is covered by domestically produced products. The import penetration does not exceed 1%, and the export performance percentage ranges from 4% -5%.
Natural mineral water has the lion’s share in the overall production of bottled water (73% in 2020) followed by plane bottled water and sparkling water, with shares of 22% and 5% respectively.
Regarding the breakdown of the market by main distribution channel, it is noted that the warm market (super markets, mini-markets, groceries) is estimated to account 70% of total consumption, while the cold market (cafes, kiosks, restaurants, etc.) accounts for the remaining 30% of the market.
In recent years, there has been an increase in sales of private label bottled water at the expense of "branded" products
In recent years, there has been an increase in sales of private label water at the expense of "branded" products.