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Година на публикуване 2015
Държава Гърция
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The market of audio and video appliances is supplied almost exclusively by importers, as the domestic production is on a very low level involving a very small number of companies engaged in specific product categories. A wide range of audio and video appliances are imported and traded in the local market, including world-famous brands, as well as private label products.
The total value of audio and video devices market has been in decline the last six years. TV sets have the lion’s share (88% in 2014) in total market value, followed by the several Audio (Hi-Fi) devices (3.5%) and DVD players (3%).
Regarding the trends for each major product category the following is noted: The TV market grew significantly (by 25% in volume) in 2014 versus 2013. The sales value also increased by 11% in the same year. On the contrary, the sales of DVD players decreased by 12%, the sales of video-projectors & similar products presented a reduction of 10%, while camcorders & similar products shrank by 9.1% in the same year. Finally, sales of car audio systems fell by 10% over the same period.