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A significant number of companies operate in the sector of alcoholic beverages which are involved in the production of ouzo, tsipouro (pomace brandy), liqueur and brandy. The production of other alcoholic beverages (whisky, vodka etc.) in Greece is negligible or nonexistent and the market is supplied (almost exclusively) with imported products.
The sector of imports involves, among others, large sized companies with nationwide distribution networks, which are controlled by multinational groups with significant presence in the international market.
The overall domestic consumption of alcoholic beverages has presented small annual fluctuations during the period 2000-2009. During the economic crisis, the market recorded a significant decline, as the total quantity decreased cumulatively by 25% (2015/2010). However, in the last four years (2016-2019), there is a recovery in the consumption of alcoholic beverages, as the market returns to normal. The total market size is estimared to have registered a cumulative rise of 5% 2019 compared to 2015. A significant reduction of the market of alcoholic beverages is estimated for 2020.
As regards consumption per category, whisky has the lion’s share in the total domestic market, however its share has significantly decreased over the last decade (2010:35.2%, 2019:23.7%). Ouzo follows with 20.4% in 2019, registering a fall compared to 2010 (25.3%), however, it seems to have maintained it over the last five years (2014: 20.9%). Vodka, rum and gin have slightly increased their shares in 2019.